The journey of ViratGang


ViratGang is one of the leading as well as the most active fan club of India’s swashbuckling batsman – Virat Kohli. Founded on 3rd November 2012 by me (Dileep KM) and Prathamesh Avachare, ViratGang is now inching towards 1 million followers rapidly across various social media platforms. ViratGang has won the hearts of millions of Virat Kohli’s ardent fans a.k.a. Viratians and managed to create an empire of our own by becoming a reliable connecting point between them to their idol. Also, what adds to the prestige of the fan club is that Virat Kohli, himself follows this awesome fan club on Twitter.


ViratGang’s way of posting exclusive photographs, statistics, videos, blogs, updates, etc. related to Virat Kohli has been as consistent as Virat Kohli’s batting since the very beginning. In the world of social media, where even the biggest of teams fail to keep up with the pace, ViratGang is actually managed by mere 2 people.

ViratGang has collaborated with Virat Kohli’s team and his partnered brands for the benefit of society till date. ViratGang Planted 50 trees with the help of fans in the community as a part of Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Go Green initiative in 2015 and also inititated the #VGVK18FC4Society movement on social media in order to undertake various social causes.

The future plans of ViratGang, is to launch a sports comic on Royal Challengers Bangalore in association with a brand during IPL 2020. Also, the boys in ViratGang are gearing up to create a dedicated app for the fans so that they can stay updated with everything related to Virat Kohli with even more convenience!